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How an Indian Changed My Life

| Charlie (Tank) Trig | Rider Stories

For many years, I owned and rode a mint condition '87 Kawasaki ZL1000. I loved that bike, but had a hard time being taken seriously by Harley riders. One day, I had an issue with it and brought it into a shop. That was the beginning of the end for that bike.

Luckily, when it finally did get to the point where I couldn't get the parts to fix it, I was at a dealership and started looking at new Indians on the floor. The new Roadmaster caught my eye, but I couldn't imagine myself on such a beast! Almost 1,000 pounds unladen, a 111ci engine, just looking at it had my brain doing a Tim Allen impression "ARR-ARR-ARRRR!". I was in love.

So, I dropped some cash and had the dealer put on an extended seat (I'm 6'2" / 300lbs) and rode home giddy. I was not expecting what happened next.

2021 First Season

| Chief | Rider Stories

Welcome Friends, Veterans and Patriots. Our Chapter started in June of 2021. Like most organizations we hit the ground running. First, we had a team of very motivated individuals. Second, we had a post which working with us all the way. Lastly, we were fighting the calendar because as we all know the riding season is short. However, all challenges being managed we had a great season. We restablished a few former relationships and established some new ones. In our usual fashion our season was full of laughs and comraderie.

Being invloved since 2014 I have seen that the The Legion Rider Family is vast we have experienced some incredible events. We have seen over $25,000. raised for one event. We have seen over 200 motorcycles gather in support. Our interaction with other riding groups is strong and staedy. Our cross club relationships have brought countless dollars and moral support for all involved. The Legion Riders has around 140,000 members nationwide. This combined effort has done incredble things for the Veterans and the local community. As we move into the 2022 season our crew is motivated and ready to begin the work again.

We have developed a parallel 501c3 to further extend our charitable reach. Please come join us at an event. Learn a little something about what we do. No strings attached. When you ride with a group you tend to ride more often and develop a new group of friends. When you ride for a cause you get a sense of fulfillment unlike anything else. See you on the road. Chief

Why I started riding (again)

| Big Kahuna | Rider Stories

My first ride was a Honda 305 Scrambler that I bought while in high school. I sold that and bought a brand-new Kawasaki 400 two stroke when I started working. I met my wife of 47 years because of that bike. When our child came it was obvious that 3 did not sit well on a bike and I thought my riding days were over, so I sold it. When we came to our 25th anniversary, Carol decided that “we met on a bike so we should get another bike” We bought a Harley Road King and kept it for 11 years. At this time, I decided that we were getting too old for too heavy a bike that we only rode less than 1000 miles per year.

Last year I was approached by a group of riders who wanted to be associated with the Carl G. Davis American Legion Post #34 that I was Commander of. After several meetings during which time, I learned the passion and comradery that this group has, I realized that I still wanted to ride. I not only worked to get them into our post, I bought a Honda Shadow so I could be an active member.

Danielle to "RED"

| Red | Rider Stories

Some of you may wonder what it actually means to be a Legion Rider, I want to explain that definition in Red terms.

I started out as my husband's "Sinister's" wife, just helping out, being there, that went on for over a year. I have to say that made me perfectly happy. I couldn't wear the cut, and I wasn't on the roster, but I got to hang out with this amazing group of people. As Sinister's wife I was automatically accepted as well, everyone was nice to me, the guys without a backseat 'passanger " always offered me a ride when we had an event, and I got to know everyone rather quickly. My husband had been riding for years, and I really had never given a thought to riding alone, that is, until about 9 months into hanging around the Manchester NH Sweeney Post Riders.