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How an Indian Changed My Life

For many years, I owned and rode a mint condition '87 Kawasaki ZL1000. I loved that bike, but had a hard time being taken seriously by Harley riders. One day, I had an issue with it and brought it into a shop. That was the beginning of the end for that bike.

Luckily, when it finally did get to the point where I couldn't get the parts to fix it, I was at a dealership and started looking at new Indians on the floor. The new Roadmaster caught my eye, but I couldn't imagine myself on such a beast! Almost 1,000 pounds unladen, a 111ci engine, just looking at it had my brain doing a Tim Allen impression "ARR-ARR-ARRRR!". I was in love.

So, I dropped some cash and had the dealer put on an extended seat (I'm 6'2" / 300lbs) and rode home giddy. I was not expecting what happened next.

As soon as I got into my neighborhood, the loud pipes caught the attention of the Harley owners on the block. I cruised down the street smiling like an idiot, while neighbors came out of their garages and waved as I passed by. I didn't even have my helmet off before my neighbor friend was clapping me on the back saying "You finally got a real bike"!

It's now the 3rd year since I bought my Roadmaster and I still have no regrets. I'm now Secretary of the Plaistow Riders, have more friends than I ever did and my calendar is full of trips, rides and events I can't wait to do. My life has completely changed, and it's all because of my not-so-little Indian.

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