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Why I started riding (again)

My first ride was a Honda 305 Scrambler that I bought while in high school. I sold that and bought a brand-new Kawasaki 400 two stroke when I started working. I met my wife of 47 years because of that bike. When our child came it was obvious that 3 did not sit well on a bike and I thought my riding days were over, so I sold it. When we came to our 25th anniversary, Carol decided that “we met on a bike so we should get another bike” We bought a Harley Road King and kept it for 11 years. At this time, I decided that we were getting too old for too heavy a bike that we only rode less than 1000 miles per year.

Last year I was approached by a group of riders who wanted to be associated with the Carl G. Davis American Legion Post #34 that I was Commander of. After several meetings during which time, I learned the passion and comradery that this group has, I realized that I still wanted to ride. I not only worked to get them into our post, I bought a Honda Shadow so I could be an active member.

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