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2021 First Season

Welcome Friends, Veterans and Patriots. Our Chapter started in June of 2021. Like most organizations we hit the ground running. First, we had a team of very motivated individuals. Second, we had a post which working with us all the way. Lastly, we were fighting the calendar because as we all know the riding season is short. However, all challenges being managed we had a great season. We restablished a few former relationships and established some new ones. In our usual fashion our season was full of laughs and comraderie.

Being invloved since 2014 I have seen that the The Legion Rider Family is vast we have experienced some incredible events. We have seen over $25,000. raised for one event. We have seen over 200 motorcycles gather in support. Our interaction with other riding groups is strong and staedy. Our cross club relationships have brought countless dollars and moral support for all involved. The Legion Riders has around 140,000 members nationwide. This combined effort has done incredble things for the Veterans and the local community. As we move into the 2022 season our crew is motivated and ready to begin the work again.

We have developed a parallel 501c3 to further extend our charitable reach. Please come join us at an event. Learn a little something about what we do. No strings attached. When you ride with a group you tend to ride more often and develop a new group of friends. When you ride for a cause you get a sense of fulfillment unlike anything else. See you on the road. Chief

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