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Veterans outreach coming to New Hampshire

Veterans outreach coming to New Hampshire

Department of New Hampshire Legionnaires are staging a revitalization and veteran outreach effort Oct. 29 in Belnap County.

Veterans in the area are invited to learn about American Legion programs, the Legion’s lobbying efforts and potential veterans benefits. The effort will take place from 4-10 p.m. at American Legion Post 1, 849 N. Main St., Laconia.

A veterans service officer will be available to assist with Department of Veterans Affairs-related issues and other veterans benefits-related questions.

„A history of literature, unlike history as such, ought to list only victories, for its defeats are no victory for anyone.“

- Julien Gracq -

American Legion Riders Post 34 is proud to be a New Hampshire Motorcyle group and will continue to support our local American Legion Posts and nationwide.

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