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New Member of Plaistow Riders

Plaistow Riders Welcomes New Member "Tank" as Secretary

Plaistow Riders are proud to announce their newest member "Tank" is now an official member and their new Secretary. Charlie Trig, a.k.a. Tank is a local business owner and web developer that brings a lot to the group with his knowledge and experience in business and non-profit organizations.

Tank's patching was performed Thursday evening on December 9th, 2021 in an official ceremony and swearing in of the newest member, presenting him his new patched vest. Tank's wife and faithful companion Erica proudly put on his vest from behind, while the rest of Post 34's Riders smiled and applauded. Chief then presented Tank with a framed membership letter and welcomed him to the group with smiles and handshakes.

Tank plans to help Plaistow Riders fulfill their mission to help Veterans in need by helping them become a non-profit organization, taking their fundraising abilities to new heights. Using his marketing and sales abilities, Charlie is planning larger events, heavy member recruitment and other fundraising techniques that are sure to benefit more Veterans and our community like never before.

For more information on joining the Riders and helping your community, contact us today.

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