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Out of the Darkness Walk

out of darkness walksBoston Overnight Walk

June 22, 2024



 Every year thousands join together to show the world that there is hope for those affected by suicide. One of our own, Danielle Brown, is participating in the Walk for the second year in a row!

Danielle Brown on WalkAbout Danielle and Her Mission to Help Veterans

Danielle Brown comes from a proud military family, and although she didn't serve, she supports those who have tirelessly. Director of the American Legion Riders of Plaistow and Secretary of the Auxiliary, Danielle runs events and drives to help her American Legion Post, her community and her family. Working with Ruck Up, an organization that also supports Veterans and suicide prevention, she has been able to raise thousands of dollars and awareness of the difficulties Veterans face here in America.

"I’m fundraising to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Net proceeds will help those affected by suicide and mental health conditions by supporting research, advocacy, survivor resources, education, and awareness programs. AFSP has set a bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by the year 2025, and I'm proud to be part of that mission."

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Support Danielle's Walk!


ruck up logoRuck-Up

To "ruck up" means to grab your gear, get back on your feet, and move forward!

Ruck-Up is an organization that provides various services to Veterans in need, including case management, food and clothing shelf operations for those who are homeless or in crisis. In the past 5 years, they have also provided Homelessness Prevention & Assistance Grants to Veterans in Crisis. ​Suicide Prevention is an important aspect of this mission, as Veteran Suicide levels are completely unacceptable and is a problem we should all be aware of and help prevent.


Ruck-Up's advocacy efforts are aimed at improving the lives of veterans through local and (limited) federal advocacy. We work tirelessly to ensure that veterans receive the support and resources they need to thrive in their communities. Ruck-Up's advocacy efforts are driven by a deep commitment to serving those who have served our country with honor and distinction.

See more on their website:

About the Overnight Walk

The Overnight is an experience like no other.

overnight walk

As you walk through the night, you'll feel safe and cared-for in a community where everyone supports each other. It's a place to laugh, to cry, and to heal - to honor the past and embrace a future that your work will change for the better.

Why We Walk

Every year suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined, and yet suicide prevention doesn't get anywhere near the funding given to other leading causes of death. It's up to Walkers like us to make a difference. Together we can change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

We are the leader in the fight against suicide. We fund research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss. Led by CEO Robert Gebbia and headquartered in New York, AFSP has local chapters in all 50 states and events nationwide.

Established in 1987, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death.

AFSP is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide, including those who have experienced a loss.  AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health by engaging in the following core strategies:

  • Funding scientific research
  • Educating the public about mental health and suicide prevention
  • Advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention
  • Supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide

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